Gendron Family
We are an ecommerce family that has worked online exclusively since online started.

How Did We Start?

The Gendron ecommerce story started many years ago while running a successful retirement window cleaning company as Derek Gendron stumbled upon a dumpster full of brand new sewing patterns. (We were actually discarding a McDonald’s coffee cup when we made the find). As our family home filled up with new products, we were forced to try to sell them to make more room and the ecommerce online journey began!

Derek Gendron

Over the years, we found millions of brand new products discarded by retail chains of every size, with a staggering value. And the stories and encounters along the way was so fun and entertaining, we must share it! The book is coming out soon! Signup to be a first reader, it’s going to be a must read.

Anyway, we found enough products that we soon opened a retail store out of a pretty good sized building and filled it! Party goods, costumes, every kind of greeting card you can imagine, office supplies, holiday goods, shoes and lights and soooo much more. All brand new!! We kept tons and tons of material out of landfills and found most of the stuff homes, either by selling it or giving it away. But we started to earn upwards of $30,000 monthly. And people noticed:

Derek Paul Gendron

And so we ran a retail store where we held Pokemon trading nights, opened a shipping center and had live reindeer and Santa Claus come to visit our customers.

We learned a great deal about running a family business, profits, copyrights, competition, technology and the ability to live the exact lifestyle we desired. On our schedule.

Fast Forward!

Now we have sold our amazing home and purchased a monster RV (recreational vehicle) to travel the United States. We are wrapping up our first year and what a great time and more incredible stories! And people want to know more:

Derek Gendron

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We now teach others how to become Ecommerce Families!

Sooo many people have asked us to show them how to make money as an ecommerce family, online. We know it, inside and out. Better than many of those super-large ecommerce companies - strategically with piercing effectiveness….

Ecommerce family

If you are interested in getting into ecommerce for your family, chat with us. We have coached many, many families and businesses nationwide and can help your family succeed in the still growing field of E-commerce!

We all have the same amount of time on this earth, what are you waiting for?

Feel free to sign up for more information if you want to get started to become an ecommerce family. Either way, consider us friends.

Derek Gendron

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